Rotating equipment nozzle loads analysis

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Nozzle loads applied by piping to various types of pump and compressor, and to steam turbines, may be analysed with Pipemill.

Codes covered

  • API 610 (10th Ed.) Centrifugal Pumps, API 611 Refinery Steam Turbines, API 617 Centrifugal Gas Compressors, API 610 Input Data
  • NEMA SM-23 Steam Turbines

Two axis systems are available

Two axis systems are available, one using the API local axis system (Z upward) and one utilising the more common global axis system used in piping stress analysis (Y upward).

API 610 Output Data

Output is presented with respect to the various clauses in the code. Each calculated load combination is presented with its respective allowable value, and acceptability or failure is highlighted.

NEMA SM-23 Input description

Up to four nozzles may be analysed (right, top). Shaft axis may be horizontal ‘X’ or ’Z’. The resolution point may be defined by the user.

Code specific results are produced. If overloaded, a diagnostic panel will be presented identifying the source of the problem.

Analysis support

  • Example analyses
  • Explanatory notes: General; and on aspects of API 610, NEMA, API 611, and API 617 affecting the analyses
  • Scientific calculator
Dialogue box (validation, Nozzle Loads)Input: rotating equipment nozzle loadsOutput: rotating equipment nozzle loads


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