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Pipemill: for the design, analysis and layout of piping components

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No. of copies of the Pipemill software package Price/unit (inc. 1 yr. upgrade & support) (UK buyers) VAT @ 20.0% (UK buyers) Price/unit incl. VAT Annual upgrade & support price/unit (UK buyers) VAT @ 20.00% (UK buyers) Annual price/unit incl. VAT
Single copy £425.00 £85.00 £510.00 £75.00 £15.00 £90.00
2 - 5 copies £375.00 £75.00 £450.00 £60.00 £12.00 £72.00
6 - 10 copies £325.00 £65.00 £390.00 £50.00 £10.00 £60.00
10+ copies £300.00 £60.00 £360.00 £50.00 £10.00 £60.00
Set of validation calculations (supplied in PDF form, on a CD) £40.00 £8.00 £48.00

The Pipemill software package — which is supplied on a Pipemill USB memory stick — consists of:

  • Execution code for Pipemill
  • "Read-me" file for initial start-up
  • User guide in PDF format
  • Example input files.

The above prices include, where appropriate, sending the items ordered by airmail or, in the UK, by surface mail.

To buy… 1 to 5 copies…
…of the Pipemill software package and/or set of validation calculations

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To buy… 6, or more, copies…
…of the Pipemill software package plus set(s) of validation calculations

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