Pipe span chart & Sloping pipe design

Pipemill: for the design, analysis and layout of piping components

Span Chart

A span chart may be created for standard pipe sizes or user entered data.

In addition to the usual limits of deflection and stress limitation, the basis of calculation (end conditions) may be selected.

Up to 20 pipe sizes may be run in one calculation.

Results are routed direct to the printer.

Sloping pipe design

Sloping lines must be designed to prevent pooling of liquid by proper definition of the slope with respect to span and deflection.

Pipemill allows calculation of a free draining sloping line based on either the required slope for a given span, or the maximum allowed span for a given slope. As above, end conditions may be selected.

Analysis support

  • Example help screen shown right.
  • Example analyses
  • Explanatory notes and comments on each set of calculations
Span Chart generation: input screenPipe span calculations - input & output screenPipe slope help


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