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ASME VIII & PD 5500 | EN1591 & EN13445

Standard or user-defined flange designs

To initiate a new flange analysis, either a standard or user defined design must be selected.

  • If a standard flange is required, data bases of ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47A & B and API 6A or 6B dimensions may be accessed.
  • A user design may be of any valid dimensional set. On screen graphics aid the selection of final proportions.

Types of flange and gasket analysed

  • Flange types considered include weld-neck, slip-on and flat plate types.
  • The flange face may be raised face, ring type joint (RTJ) or full face.

Design factors allowed for

Loads applied may include pressure, external bending moments and external forces.

Analysis output

Analytical results and graphics (see right, graphical shape factors) are presented along with further available design options.

Calculated and allowable stresses are shown together with primary system loads and associated data (bottom right).

Other intermediate data may be viewed, along with the flange and bolt weights, based on actual metal mass.

Analysis support

  • Example analyses
  • Integral database of commonly available pipe sizes, with automatic input of selected pipe data
  • Extensive help files: explanatory comments on many of the key inputs; gasket characteristics and data; bolting
  • Scientific calculator
Input screen - flanges to ASME, etc codesGraphical shape factors - output screen - flanges to ASME, etc codesOutput screen - flanges to ASME, etc codes


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