Jacketed (insulated) pipe design and analysis

Pipemill: for the design, analysis and layout of piping components

The aim of this element of Pipemill is:

  • to provide all the data required to carry out a formal stress analysis of jacketed pipe commonly used for sulphur and bitumen transport, steam or other hot fluid flows; and for insulated pipe for cryogenic service, or similar.
  • to provide post stress analysis results not otherwise available.

Calculation of key pipe data

A compound weight and stiffness of jacket, core pipe, pipe contents and insulation may be calculated for an initial stress analysis without the need for complex modelling of the entire jacket and core.

Jacket pipe axial and closure loads/stresses

  • Axial stresses are calculated and, for compressive stresses, the risk of buckling of either jacket or core may be predicted.
  • Local stresses in a typical closure end plate may be calculated.

Analyses support

  • Example analyses
  • Explanatory notes and comments on each set of calculations
  • Scientific calculator
Jacketed pipe analysis inputJacketed pipe analysis output


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