Acoustic fatigue prediction using Energy Institute method

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The EI method is based on work done by the Marine Technology Directorate in a study of vibration induced fatigue in process pipework generally, and particularly in duplex steels.

The method allows up to three streams form noise sources and combining at a header to be fully analysed. A further stream with defined noise properties may be added, which may be the output of a previous small network calculation, and allows a much larger network of piping, branches and components to be accurately assessed. The behaviour of Duplex Stainless steel is specifically addressed.


Results for each defined location and branch connection type in the network are clearly displayed with clear indication of acceptability or otherwise.

Alternative method

The simpler and well known Carruci and Meuller approach to recognising the risk of acoustic fatigue in piping is also available in Pipemill. The method is accepted as ‘rough and ready’ and may be significantly in error.

Input page and initial output (Acoustic fatigue prediction using Energy Institute Method)final output page (Acoustic fatigue prediction using Energy Institute Method)


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