Acoustic fatigue prediction (from induced pipe vibration downstream of valves)

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The method proposed by Carruci and Meuller in ASME paper 82-WA/PVP-8 is applied to predict the risk of acoustic fatigue due to vibration in pipework downstream of a pressure reducing, blow-down or safety valve.

The calculation method and interpretation includes input and enhancements from several operating companies.


Results display acceptability against limits of sound power and Mach speed in graphic (right, top) and tabular form (right, below).

Warnings, and suggested actions

If sound power limits which could induce acoustic fatigue and failure are exceeded, action to prevent pipe (or valve) vibration is proposed (blue areas in the results table, right).

Analysis support

  • Example analyses
  • Explanatory notes and comments on the Carruci and Meuller approach
Starting graph: sound power vs. diameterResults, plotted, of sound power vs. diameterResults table


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